Why We Do What We Do

The Come Up

From dreaming it up as a class activity in High School, to bringing it to life himself, CEO Christopher Garr saw potential in this sport. At first he was blown away by what he saw, but he thought, why limit its potential to just soccer? So, he invested all his savings into himself, thinking if he could invest this much into a degree, why not a business?

The Follow Through

Now, with a mindset on a business the first thing you need to be is a cold-hearted cash hound set on ripping off unsuspecting victims, right? Wrong, this business was set up to be fun, All-in, or nothing. Our CEO knows that the people want to have fun in new exciting and safe ways, but don't want to break their backs working to pay for it either. He doesn't want to be the reason why people can't afford fun, so he eliminated overhead costs, now he can hand down the savings to you. He broke his back so that way having fun won't break yours. If you find it cheaper somewhere else it won't be as safe or of the same caliber and quality. The research has been done, so you can rest easy knowing your dollar was spent justly.

The Motive

Ever have head turns when you walk by? Yeah, me neither! But, in early stages of development and advertising, heads did turn. Pumping up the suits and hearing passerby's go "What is that", "That looks sick!" , "OMG I've always wanted to do that" -is what gets us excited. From the first nervous, unsure, gentle bubble soccer bump and nervous laughter; to the all-out balling laughter of getting knocked over silly- that's why we do what we do. Come bubble soccer New Jersey style!