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1. Terms Of Website

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2. Terms Of All-In BubbleBallin's Service(s)

  1. By placing a down payment (sometimes refereed to a security or security deposit) or paying in full you and all guests, participants, and vendors of your party/event agree to be bound by all the following terms and conditions.
  2. Down payments must be made 3 weeks prior to your event if applicable. Down payment must be in prior to All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) contacting venues on your behalf. All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the right to withhold a portion of the deposit should the event not be booked as compensation for time.
  3. All equipment provided is rental equipment, and must be returned at the conclusion of events. Failure to return equipment will result in penalties taken away from security deposits. All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the right to charge whatever penalties they deem necessary to recover equipment cost and cost of downtime for any equipment not returned or returned damaged. All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) also reserves the right to classify items as damaged if items are either (but not limited to) nonfunctional, punctured, torn, ripped, malfunctioning, or otherwise compromised. 
  4. Customers agree they are responsible for all equipment and usage from arrival to departure of equipment. If any damages are to occur during the rental period including but not limited to either the equipment itself, venue, spectators, and or the participants themselves the customer(s) in charge will be liable for any and all damages. Should damages to equipment or equipment loss be greater than security deposit, All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the right to additional compensation for damages/losses plus downtime.
  5. Cancellation Policy:
    1. Unsafe Weather During Event: Should unsafe (As deemed by referee in charge) weather conditions be presented during play, all equipment will be broken down and packed up. If there is a suitable indoor location equipment can be moved indoors for the remaining time of rental period. Should there be no available indoor space, All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the event. Partial refunding can be awarded for the remaining time of the event. All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the right to adjust refund amounts as All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) deems fit.
    2. Unsafe Weather Before Event: Should unsafe weather  (as deemed by Referee or Agent in charge) arise prior to an event start,  All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the right to cancel your event. These cancellations can be rescheduled for a Total of 1 time before any monetary fees or adjustments take place. After one weather rescheduling, All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the right to adjust pricing of the event, and/or issue partial refunding for that event. Refunds are awarded as All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) deems fit. Should a customer not want to reschedule, portions of the security deposit up to the full amount can can be forfeited and the rest refunded. 
    3. Customer Cancellations: Due to the nature of rental and event planning business, customer cancellations often lead to losses to All-In BubbleBallin (LLC). To protect All-In BubbleBallin (LLC), customer cancellations will incur fees for certain time periods as listed on initial quotes. All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the right to charge portions of security deposits, up  to the whole amount, for customer cancellations.
    4. All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) Cancellations: In the rare case All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) has to cancel an event, an alternative date and time can mutually be agreed upon. Should no date be agreed upon, All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) may extend a discount for a future event as a courtesy for the inconvenience, at All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) discretion.
    5. Venue Cancellations: All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) is not responsible for any venue fees, terms, or conditions. Please see your venue provider for their policies and restrictions. All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) will do it's best to find a different adequate venue to reschedule at should a venue cancel. Should no alternative exist All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) will issue partial refunds to full refunds at All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) discretion.
    6. Vendor/ Add on Services Cancellation: Should a vendor or add on service cancel, customers will be issued refunds for those specific services/items. Should a customer request a date when those services/add on's be available, a total of one reschedule would be allowed before an event will be held without that service/item.
  6. All participants as well as close proximity spectators must fill out a waiver, follow all safety and game rules, and follow all directions of the referee in charge. If a party fails  to follow the above terms All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the rights to cancel the event, and sit and/or eject players or spectators with possibility of no refund.  
  7. All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) reserves the right to charge a late fee for bills not paid in full by the specified date and time. Fee cannot be greater than 10% of the bill.
  8. When applicable, for events where an entity is renting equipment: the customer responsible for booking and/or payment is responsible for payment of any excess charges All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) requests as explained in point 4. Should the entity be unwilling to pay charges immediately the booking and/or paying customer is responsible for payment on behalf that entity.
  9. All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) is not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Lost, stolen, or damaged items are the responsibility of their respective owners. Equipment of All-In BubbleBallin (LLC) that is lost, stolen, or damaged must be paid for by the client or entity in charge plus downtime.