Easy Money +Fun = Win


Get $10 off

Registering an event for an hr or more? Have at least %80 of your party post about their great experience on social media. The event planner will receive $10 back. Make sure to @ us! Mention this post within 24 hrs to receive discount

Get $20 off!

Get an organization you are not part of to run an event for an hr.

Get $25 off!

Get a high school or college to run a fundraising event.

Returning Customer Bonus

Have you planned an event with us before? You have! Bump with us again and we will give you a discount of up to 25% off depending on the events you run!

The Catch

You want the discount, we want solid proof. Make sure to have written evidence from you and the organization running the fundraiser/event proving you are the reason they did what they did. Seems fair? Other terms and conditions apply for the referral program, inquire for more details.