Bubble Soccer Prices & Fundraising

All Figures shown are estimated. Actual prices are custom to each event, and will vary. There will be an additional security deposit that will be refunded as long as all equipment comes back undamaged. Referee has ability to stop play at any time for any reason. Partial refunds available at owners discretion. See Terms and Conditions linked Below

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If you are doing NJ Fundraisers or events, our Bubble Soccer Prices & Fundraising are the best Bubble soccer prices in NJ, so book today! Compare us below!

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High tech golfing range

 $30-50 per hour plus (6 people) $5 per person. And your taking turns! Maybe 10 min play each? That's about $35-55 a person to get as much play time we offer in an hour. Ours is a lot more fun to watch too! 

NJ Axe Throwing

You're kidding. You would pay over $20 to take turns throwing a stick? Not to mention, a DANGER STICK? BTW, you have to pay to spectate as well. Pass.


 Well this one is way over our cost per person when renting equipment and referees and ammo and gas. Might leave with less bruises playing with us too. 


Movie prices are absurd nowadays. It'l cost you anywhere from 8-18 dollars per ticket depending on where you go and what you see. Popcorn and a soda? FORGETABOUT IT 


 Parking alone will cost you for an hr around $2 if you're lucky, $8-12 for a lot spot. Wristband for rides around $30 for 2 hrs. Food? Ice cream? Beach pass? How about no???   

Trampoline Park

An hour of play will run you about $12, including socks and other items, about $15. Not so bad, if you like jumping up and down forever.