Getting The Ball Rolling


Step 1 - Quoting

First, request a quote from us, and we will send you a brief questionnaire to understand what your looking for. Fill out the questions the best you can! Check out FAQ if you have some questions!

*pro tip* Always check with us before booking a venue! This could save $$!

Step 2 - Possible Dates

We will reach out to our referees, reach out to your venue owner, check equipment availability, calculate travel times, and provide you with the closest possible dates and times at the venue requested with your event in mind. We will also send you our quote, as well as ask if you would like donate to our charitable causes.

Step 3 - Reservation

Pick the date/time that works for you, or allow us to look into different venues for your availability. Once you confirm the date with us, confirm the date with your venue, and we will assist you with that process. 

Step 4- Money Down

Upon confirming dates with us and the venue, it is now time to place your security deposit through Paypal. This security deposit serves as your commitment to the date. Once the security deposit is in the event is secured! Congratulations! We will send you confirmation, safety rules, game modes, and E-Waiver.

Step 5- Share the News!

Post about us on your social media to possibly receive a discount! Click below to see what happens the day of your event.

Day of event