Day of Event


Step 1. Payment

Before your day of the event, payment in full, as well as the security deposit must be in. If the event is to be played in a backyard or other area not specifically marked for sports, pictures must also be sent by this time to ensure your location is a safe level playing field.

Step 2. Arrival

We will generally arrive 30-45 min before your event start time to begin setting up the equipment, proper signage, and do field inspection. The customer in charge will need to sign off on the equipment brought with the referee during this setup period.

Step 3. Paperwork/ Safety

Before your playtime can begin everyone needs to have a fully signed waiver. If underage, a parent/ legal guardian must sign the waiver. Everyone must be present at this time to play, as once waivers are signed there will be a brief rules and safety demonstration. Waivers are online, and can be filled in advance.

Step 4. Playtime Begins!

Once safety is gone over and waivers are in, participants can begin playing bubble soccer or one of the other game modes we have! The clock starts once the ref says it does!

Step 5. Clean up.

After your time frame has ended, we will need approximately 30 min to breakdown equipment. At this time the ref will go over the equipment and condition it is returned in. If equipment is missing and/or damaged, the security deposit will not be returned. Please note it is up to the owner how much of security deposit is refunded and not the ref. The ref will inform you only if equipment is missing, or equipment will most likely to be considered damaged by the owner.

Step 6. After Event

Your security deposit refund will be issued and processed over the next few business days. If portions of it were withheld due to damages or missing items, you will receive an email stating the damages and their costs that were withheld. When applicable, damages will be reviewed for manufacturer's fault. You will be emailed a short event survey so we can continue refining our services and making happy customers! Consider reviewing us!