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Check Out Our Latest Game: Pin Bash!

Two teams of two face off in this epic take on bowling. Bash your opponents pins down all while protecting your own. The ultimate lawn/party game! Delivered with 2 platforms, 20 pins, 2 footballs.  *AVAILABLE WITHOUT BUBBLE SOCCER*

What The Heck Is Bubble Soccer???

Don't worry, we had no idea at first either. Check out this video by Devinsupertramp to get a taste of bubble soccer game-play, which is just one of many game choices we offer! For images of bumpin' times, check out the Gallery.

About Us


Bubble Soccer

Line up across from each other in our bubble suits and smash the competition in an easy, fun to play, stress relieving soccer match. Soccer not your style? We have plenty of different games to get rolling. We will bring everything your event needs to you for bubble soccer NJ.


Hosting Events That Are A Smash Hit!

Booking with us gives you event planning that will help you find and book a venue as well as any other services for your event such as DJ and more! We love helping out with fundraisers too! No matter the event, from bubble soccer in Edison to bubble soccer in Ewing Township, and ALL of NJ, we got your back. Check out out our rental process.


Popping the Competition!

 We are cheaper than our competitors, with the same exact quality Knockerball ©. In our opinion we are the best way to exercise and have fun for your money! Who wouldn't want to watch co workers, friends, family, bosses, or even teachers get tossed around!? We bring the bubble soccer fun to you anywhere in NJ. Check out our Pricing

All-In For Entertainment!


Clean, Safe, High-Quality Equipment!

Our bubbles are made of superior lightweight TPU material that is odorless and clear. All equipment is inspected for safety prior to events. After events bubbles immediately get sanitized!


All-Inclusive Fun!

Whether your age 12 or 60, it's an absolute blast! We bring all you need for you inflatable party rental so you can have all the fun!


Play Where You Want!

Backyard, Gym, Turf, Grass, you name it! If you don't have a safe place to play, we can find you one!